Antico Pastificio Ulisse Mariotti


The Antico Pastificio Ulisse Mariotti, with its main residence, rises from a structure born in the late eighties of the nineteenth century which developed to the point of being considered a town within the town of Greve.

It started and was established by the forefather Angiolo Mariotti, also known as "Il Mercantino", the seller, the trader of anything and, it was the advantages deriving from the trade and the initial artisan production that allowed its realization and its subsequent development. It was defined at the turn of the First World War as a village, composed of several farms, used both for residence and for production, it lived twenty intense years of activity and then ran out with the beginning of the Second World War, until, the nephew Mauro , son of the last born Ulysses, a century after his father's birth, he imagined a different future. It was evident that the complex was being used as a holiday residence.

The restoration of the historic residence began and completed, Angiolo's heirs have equipped the complex with a swimming pool, large internal parking, children's playground, recreational rooms and 12 apartments of various sizes in the places where the famous Pasta Ulisse was produced Mariotti.

It will be able to complete the full recovery work worthily, the reopening of the connection with the old road to Montefioralle on one side, and the connection with Via delle Conce, easy integration with the Piazza di Greve, on the other ... ... maybe one day.

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